Chuck Sauer

Former Columbiana County Wildlife Officer, Chuck Sauer, announces the arrival of his new fishing buddy, Katherine Elizabeth Sauer.

A couple of years ago, Chuck and Marilyn bought a small farm, situated on a beautiful little trout river in North Central Wisconsin where they’ve been living for the past fourteen years. Check out their website Chuck invites you to get in touch if you might have an opportunity to stop by sometime. Bring your fly rod and give the brookies a try.



Hello All,

She, yes she, has arrived! 8 lbs, 13 oz, definitely a keeper. Marilyn can hardly stand it. You’ve never seen anyone quite so pleased. Ginny, Mark, baby Kathryn, and of course, Alec, who gets to stay at the farm for a few days, are all fine.

Grandpa Chuck and Grandma Marilyn


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mark & katherine   marilyn & katherine   chuck & katherine   katherine

Chuck & Marilyn taking turns holding the new grandbaby
Proud papa, Mark, and big brother, Alec, “bonding” with the new family addition.



Here’s a few pics from the coulees, fishing the past couple of days with Rj. The coulees are a hilly area in SW Wisconsin. I stay in a little town, Westby, located SE of Lacrosse. It’s a really nice part of the state.

Wind was fierce, making casting quite difficult. Very, very few fish rising, but if you did find one, you were likely to get it to go for your fly.

Caught a couple of nice browns, some smaller ones and a few brookies, the largest of which were probably around 9 inches. Fish in these clear, cool streams give the angler some pretty good action, as they seem to be very strong swimmers. Beautiful country, with 200 miles of spring creeks. Can’t wait to do it again.


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sauer_trout1   sauer_trout2   sauer_trout3   sauer_trout4