Memory Lane

Share those “Kodak/Canon/Konica” moments with your friends.

Memory Lane showcases photos and commentary (BRIEF!) of your latest puppy, fishing trip, turkey hunt, and (yes) grandchild. Make us smile! Send your stories and pictures to our editor, John Clem (contact info below).

Here are some stories and photos by and about retired Division folks.

Ohio Wildlife Officers who were killed in the line of duty

Game Protector video from the early 1950s

Game Protector video from the early 1980s

Luncheon gathering of “Old Timers” in District 3, Jan 18, 2013

Sara Jean Peters bags her first rack in Missouri

Close Encounters with a Cougar by: Bob Ford

Ohio honors work of wildlife biologist Don Thompson

Wilderness Patrol, Preface by: James (Ron) Bailey

Operation Rawhide by: James (Ron) Bailey

Mistakes, Suicide, Mishaps & Murder by: James (Ron) Bailey

A good week for fishing the Yellowstone by: Bob Ford

The Greatest Job Ever by: Tim Nagel

Fearsome Foursome from District Three

Dick Pierce bags the “big one”

A fine group of fellows in 1987

A great day 10-06 at Lake Hope

Sunderhaus: wildlife law enforcer deluxe

Bob Ford went fishing on the Yellowstone

Sally Biancone had a retirement party, click to see some pictures

Mike Renner’s retirement party pictures

A Busy Night On Andersons Fork by: James (Ron) Bailey

Jackson Gathering Jan 05

Wolf Creek 1965

Leonard Porter

Warren Katzenmoyer

Jim Petrasek

Chuck Sauer

John & Kim Marshall in Alaska

Lake Erie fishing trip (John Marshall again)

Game Hog, John Marshall bags a big buck

Skip Trask supplied these 2 radio programs from the 1940s vintage Ohio Division of Conservation radio show “Under Ohio Skies”. Click here to listen to the old radio recordings.

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South OH reetirees

Thanks to Helen Brown for the nice photo of the retirees, friends, and spouses. This was at Jackson. Click on the picture for for a larger image.