Wildlife Officer Class Photos Wanted

I have been trying to assemble computer photos of the divisions graduating Wildlife Officer Schools for some historic data collection.
If any of the retired officers have a class photo and can have it scanned and sent to me I would appreciate it. Most of the district offices have scanners if they are close by and can ask someone familiar with the process. I would be more than happy to send the digital formats back to you so they can be posted on the web site.

It would be helpful if the retiree sending the photo would identify everybody along with where the academy was held along with the year of graduation.

Thanks for your assistance.

Greg Wade


Law Enforcement Program Administrator
Firearms/Defensive Tactics Training
ODNR/ Division of Wildlife
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Here are the ones I have so far: (click on the year)
1951  1952  1955   1964   1965-A   1965-B  1966  1968  1969  1972  1976  1980  1981  1983-A  1983-B  1986  1990  1993  1996  1999  2001  2003  2005  2007  2009  2012